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This is the story of a dragon and a tiger. Can a dragon and a tiger get along? First off, high school can be rough. Especially if you’re in love with someone, but you’re too chicken to tell them how you feel. So, here’s the problem (and here’s a chart to help you get more confused). Ryuji Takasu and Yusaku Kitamura have been best friends since they were young. Taiga Aisaka and Minori Kushieda are best friends as well. Ryuji has a crush on Minori. Taiga loves Yukasu. And neither one can bring themselves to tell the one they...

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Elfen Lied

Lucy is a vicious killer. Nyu is a peaceful, childlike girl. It’s too bad they’re the same person. It’s evolution gone wrong when university student Kohta and his cousin Yuka get mixed up in a high-stakes battle for Lucy before she destroys everything. Top-secret government scientists have soldiers, bounty hunters… even her own kind trying to hunt Lucy down and stop her. Can Nyu overcome Lucy’s nature or is all mankind doomed at the hands of a weapon that can’t be controlled? Elfen Lied revolves around the Diclonii species: a mutation of human beings in which the only obvious...

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Party of One

Picture in your mind. It’s the opening sequence to the third season. Music plays. Fancy visuals dance across the screen. Lots of characters appear. Then you see the main character. He’s had lots of people back him up on screen over the past few seasons. They pop up one by one, but they come and they go. As quickly as they appear, they fade off into the distance. At the end, the music comes to its momentous climax. And the main character stands on the screen, a solitary figure on a nondescript background. Like the beginning of a series...

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Tekaneda’s Hot Tracks 10 – September 2017

Welcome to the land of OPs and EDs. For those not in the know, that’s anime shorthand for Opening Theme and Ending Theme. So if you love that song at the beginning of the show? That’s the OP that you’re looking for. Here at @anime!, we love OPs and EDs (and soundtracks!). We haven’t had anything music related in a long time, so we’ve got something new for you. In the spirit of our “Tekaneda’s Top Whatever” lists for anime titles, we present you with some of the tunes that we’re blasting here at Editdesk Central. This is the...

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