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Clamp, Kadokawa Shoten, TV "X" Project

Distributed by
Geneon Entertainment

Release Info
Available in 8 DVD Volumes
Available Now:
Volume 1-7
Upcoming Releases:
Volume 8: 11.25.2003


by Andrea Nelson

The CLAMP team strikes again with the dark and foreboding X, the story of one boy with the power to destroy the Earth... Or save it.

The Dragons of Heaven, the Seven Seals, must protect Tokyo and the world from the destructive powers of the Dragons of Earth, the Seven Anegls, who have sworn to purge humanity from the face of the planet. The dreamseeing princess, Hinoto, who guides Japan's politicians with her visions from behind the shadows, has foreseen both the death and the salvation of our world. And there is one who can tip the balance.

When Kamui Shirou returns to Tokyo following the tragic death of his mother, he finds himself pulled into the battle for Earth's future. While walking to school on an ordinary morning, he's attacked by a group of mysterious men in black, Curse Zombies. It's no trouble for him, however, as he blasts them all away with a flick of his wrist. At school, he is briefly reunited with his childhood friends, Kotori and Fuuma Monou, but even with the warm welcome home, the antisocial Kamui barely responds with a threat.

On the rooftop of the school, he realizes that someone's still following him around. He even manages to blast away the stalker's spell- Something that's never been done before. Kamui has no regards for keeping his power under a leash, snapping the arm of a bully by merely touching it. He has no care for the protection of those around him when his temper is provoked.

But he's still being tested. Following a fierce battle with a Windmaster, Daisuke, Kamui eventually finds himself in the company of a smart-aleck monk, Sorata, who can't seem to get his "important news" past Kamui's shell of distrust.

Kamui believes there is no further task for him than to recover the Shinken, the holy sword, and then return home. His plans are thrown into disarray, though, when the Shinken blade is stolen by one of the Seven Angels, and digging for answers brings him face to face with the dreaming princess, Hinoto, leader of the Dragons of Heaven, and also her cunning sister, Kanoe, leader of the Dragons of Earth. The visions that they share with him give him a choice: destroy humanity, or save it.

The Seven Seals and the Seven Angels have finally come together in Tokyo. The Shinken will be reborn in a new form. The keeper of the sacred sword, dies while trying to tell Fuuma the secret of the bond between him and Kamui. Kamui himself begins to uncover secrets to his own past. Both forces are beginning to come together for the final battle.

Which side will the One True Kamui choose?

The series itself begins with Episode 0, a foretelling of the storyline that helps give a clearer understanding of what is about to unfold. X is a drastic change from magical girls and fluffy creatures, reaching deep into the darkness as Kamui struggles to protect those he loves with the Apocalypse coming ever closer. The characters throughout the anime are extremely well-rounded and dynamic, each of their personalities adding a new outlook on their world, not to mention there's an incredible musical score. Definitely put this one on your wish-list, for the intense action, or the unrelenting plot.



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