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Card Captor Sakura

CLAMP, Kodansha Ltd.

Distributed by
Nelvana, Ltd.

Release Info
Currently on Kids' WB! Saturday mornings. Check local listings for times.

Uncut Subtitled DVD version available 9.12.2000 from Pioneer.

Kinomoto Sakura

Sakura is the main character of the show and is in fourth grade at Tomoeda Elementary School. She is a very lively girl who accidently scatters the Clow Cards at the beginning of the series. She is appointed by Kero-chan (Kerberos) as a Card Captor, who must capture and seal all the Clow Cards before they wreak havoc upon the world.

Daidouji Tomoyo

Tomoyo is Sakura's best friend and is the only classmate of hers who knows about her, the Clow Cards, and Kero-chan. She has a innocent fondness for Sakura and likes to make costumes for her to wear to capture the Clow Cards. Tomoyo likes to take video of Sakura during her card capturing adventures.

Li Shaoran

Shaoran is a distant descendant of Clow Reed from Clow's chinese heritage. He also is pursuing the Clow Cards and wants to capture them for himself as he is a relative of Clow. He comes from the Li Family who are a very famous group of magicians in Hong Kong. Shaoran also knows about Sakura's true identity as the Card Captor.

Kinomoto Touya

Touya is Sakura's older brother. He goes to Tomoeda High School, which is next to the elementary school. He always seems to tease her and call her a kaiju (big monster), but deep down Touya really cares for his little sister.

Tsukishiro Yukito

Yukito is Touya's best friend. He is Sakura's apple of her eye and he loves to eat a lot of food. Yukito is very good at all of the things he does especially in basketball and archery.

Kero (Kerberos)

Kero is the Guardian Beast of the Seal on the book of Clow Cards. He appoints Sakura to be the chosen one who must capture the Clow Cards. He is a small, yellow, lion looking doll that talks in a Osaka dialect accent because the Clow book was in Osaka for a number of years. He loves to eat sweets and especially Tomoyo's cakes.

Kinomoto Fujitaka

Fujitaka is Sakura's Dad, who teaches Archeology at a local university. He is a very kind man and takes care of Touya and Sakura very well considering his wife passed away a few years back.

Mihara Chiharu - Sasaki Rika - Yanagisawa Naoko

The three classmates of Sakura and Tomoyo, Chiharu, Naoko, and Rika are always together as a group. Chiharu is the girl with the pigtails, Rika is the gal with the bobbed hair, and Naoko is the gal with the glasses. Chiharu has the tough job of keeping Takashi from telling too many "white lies". Naoko loves the supernatural and likes to tell ghost stories to the grimace of Sakura, who hates ghosts. Rika has a admiration for their teacher, Mr. Terada.

Yamazaki Takashi

Takashi is quite a character because he likes to tell stories about how things came to be. All of them are lies, but Sakura and Shaoran tend to believe him. Chiharu knows better though and drags him away by his ear to "silence" him. His distinctive always closed eyes places him apart from the other guys.

Li Meiling

Li Meiling is a character that only appears in the anime version of CCS. She is the first cousin of Shaoran who transfers into Sakura's class from Hong Kong. She is very adept at chinese martial arts and lends her support to Shaoran when needed. Meiling can be a pest sometimes and her ultimate dream is to have Shaoran marry her one day. Through the course of the anime, Meiling comes to learn of Sakura's powers as a Card Captor.



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