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The Cat Outfit

Sakura wore this costume when she first encountered Syaoran. They came up against The Thunder.

The Futuristic Outfit

Sakura wears this as she captures two cards, The Wood and The Rain. Both made quite a mess...

The Green Jester Outfit

This is the outfit that Sakura wears as she and Tomoyo chase The Dash through the park.

The Witch Outfit

Sakura wears this outfit in the beginning of the episode where they try to capture The Storm.

The Ice Jester Outfit

This rather interesting outfit is worn by Sakura as she captures The Watery down at the Aquarium.

In keeping
with the tradition
of the original
Cardcaptor episodes,
it's time for a...
The Musician Outfit

This outfit is worn, rather appropiately, in the episode where Sakura captures The Song card.

The Pink Outfit

Electric pink, just the thing to do battle in. Sakura appears in this costume as she takes on The Fight.

The Bunny Outfit

A one-time outfit here. This outfit was worn only briefly when Sakura first attempted to catch The Illusion.

The Alice-in-Wonderland Outfit

Appropiate outfit here, Sakura wears this and gets shrunk to bug-size as she captures The Little.

The Umbrella Outfit

This is the outfit that Sakura wears as she makes attempt #2 to capture The Illusion. Tut-tut... Looks like rain.

The Red Rabbit Outfit

This is a mystery costume. Sakura wears this in episode 36, but doesn't actually catch a card while wearing it.

The Battle Outfit!

This is Sakura's very first outfit made by Tomoyo to make her videos of Sakura's adventures more exciting.

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Card Captor Sakura

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